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Media Releases

iM Sarawak helps make Kampung Serikin’s water woes a thing of the past

by: admin

BAU, 25 January 2018 – The entire village of Kampung Serikin is once again able to enjoy
uninterrupted water supply to their homes courtesy of iM Sarawak.

iM Sarawak recently helped this village of 140 houses to replace all 4 kilometres of its
main water piping.

The original PVC pipes of this gravity fed water supply system date back to the 1980s
have become brittle with age.

The village head, Jepeh Ak Gobih said, “We are very grateful to iM Sarawak for helping us
replace all the pipes in our village.

“After so many years, the old pipes were very susceptible to leakage. This saw us having
to repair them over and over, only to have them give way again after a short time. It was
very frustrating.

“What’s worse were the weekend water disruptions.

“Every weekend the Pasar Serikin is set up here. The market traders use a lot of water
which put stress on the old pipes and this led to the low water pressure disruption to our

“This was a major inconvenience as most of us do a lot of cooking and washing during the

“However, all that has changed now with our new pipes! I believe I speak for all my fellow
neighbours when I say thank you from the bottom our hearts to iM Sarawak,” Jepeh

The exercise to replace the pipes commenced in mid-December 2017 and was completed
in mid-January 2018. The new pipes are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
and are expected to last for at least 30 years or more.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry and 1Malaysia Sarawak Advisory
Council Member YB Dato’ Anthony Nogeh Gumbek said “Water is such an important
necessity in life that we at iM Sarawak are proud to have been able to help the 800-strong
village of Kampung Serikin with this.

“In line with our principle to help Sarawakians improve their quality of life, our hope is that
these new pipes will give the residents of Kampung Serikin peace of mind and that they can now go about their daily lives unhampered by worries about their water supply,” YB Dato’ Anthony concluded.