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Media Releases

iM Sarawak organises UPSR Workshop for Julau students

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JULAU, 24 July 2017 – Students from SK Nanga Dayu, SK Nanga Kara and SK Nanga Kota participated in a three-day UPSR Workshop organised by iM Sarawak. The workshop is part of the iM Sarawak School Improvement Project, a three-year programme for the afore mentioned schools in Julau, Sarawak.

The workshop is geared towards equipping students with the necessary answering techniques and strategies to maximise marks earned in examination, to familiarise students with styles of latest UPSR questions, to expose students to effective revision methods and to improve the UPSR passing rate and overall academic performance in the three participating schools.

During the workshop, participants attended motivational talks, were taught effective study methods, received guidance on building self-discipline and practised answering UPSR model examination questions. The workshop sessions covered all the subjects for the UPSR examination. This is the second time the workshop is being conducted.

The project, which aims to elevate English Language proficiency and improve the overall UPSR passing rate for the schools, saw very encouraging results in its first year. This is evident in the schools’ 2016 UPSR results where all 3 participating schools saw a remarkable increase in overall passing rates.

The most significant progress was seen in SK Nanga Kota where their passing rate improved from 38% in 2015 to an impressive 100% in 2016. SK Nanga Dayu and SK Nanga Kara saw their passing rates increase by 19 percentage points and 3 percentage points respectively.

YB Datuk Joseph Salang, who is Julau Member of Parliament and Chairman of 1Malaysia Sarawak Advisory Council said, "I am very happy to see such good results from the iM Sarawak School Improvement Project and we hope build on the momentum of its success.

“We at iM Sarawak firmly believe that education is the key to a better future for our communities. Other than the annual UPSR workshop, iM Sarawak has also provided reference books, UPSR model question workbooks, story books, teaching aids or tools, such as projectors, laptops and photocopy machines to the schools. All these were meant to facilitate the teaching and learning in these 3 schools.”

“I hope the participants will be able to apply the skills they have learnt at the workshop to excel in other examinations and life in general as well.”

YB Datuk Joseph Salang was present at the certificate presentation ceremony as the guest of honour.

The iM Sarawak School Improvement Project is carried out in collaboration with the Sarawak State Education Department and the Julau District Education Office.