Our Projects

Quality of Life


Wet Paddy

We train local farmers in modern farming, introduce a semi-mechanised farming method and plant quality seedlings, which is targeted to solve the self-sufficiency food problem and improve the quality of life of the communities living in remote areas.


Entrepreneurship Programme

We improve the quality of life of small traders and people from the low-income groups by enhancing their soft skills and business acumen.


Fire-fighting Equipment

We equip long houses in Sarawak with fire-fighting systems, particularly in remote locations. The fire-fighting system was invented by a Sarawakian whose own home had been destroyed by a fire when he was a child.


Renewable Energy

We light up villages through micro-hydro and solar power electricity projects. Before, villagers relied on diesel generators which can be extremely expensive in the hard to reach rural areas.


Food Aid Programme

Our food aid programme is a cashless system. The system loads shopping credits onto the recipients’ identity cards which then can be used in retail stores to buy food and essential supplies.


Water Supply Project

Our water supply projects in rural areas are based on two popular systems – the gravity feed system in which the water source is tapped from a nearby river, and the rainwater harvesting system, where rainwater is collected in huge tanks for future use.